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Discussions and Polls During Turn 3
This past Turn's discussions were Helpful and the polls implemnted well. Rock on!
 50% [ 7 ]
Polls could have been implemented better, but still helpful discussions.
 29% [ 4 ]
Polls could have been implemented better, not helpful discussion. (Please tell us what could have been donebetter)
 21% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 14

Friedrich Werner
Friedrich Werner

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PostSubject: Decisions Decisions   Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:33 am

Well guys the votes are in and i'm halting poll votes right now. Here are the results to be implemented in Turn 4:

- No Caps
- New TL Class to be created
- Squad Leaders and Team leaders (1 each for every other 6 soldiers- 8 all together)
- 1 Tank Commander for every Tank (3 Tanks= 3 Tank Commanders)

Thanks for the votes and helpful discussions that are imrpoving this campaign.... the amount of forum activity is great to see and I'm sure we can all agree that the RO realism community is back on its feet and looking productive. Also like to mention that the russians will be creating an Army Group Center which will get half of AG South's equipment... Wecome to the new units. Allies have the most numbers that they have ever had in recent years. MN campiagn needs some improvement but we'll get that worked out soon enough.

AAR- please tell me what you guys thought about this Turn's discussions through the poll above... any suggestions for how the improvements, discussions, polls and decisssions could have been implemented better please do tell below.

Thank you for your help and happy hunting,
T.O.C. Management

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Decisions Decisions
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