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Hans Schnyder

Hans Schnyder

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PostSubject: Encirclements?   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:47 am

Hey, i was just looking at the campaign map and i noticed that Armee Gruppe sud has been encircled (a bit like stalingrad but further west).
How will these kinds of encirclements be implemented into ToC? Will that armee gruppe have 1 chance to break out and then after that are destroyed?

Hans Schnyder
503 Schwere Panzer Abteilung

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Werner Jungmann

Werner Jungmann

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PostSubject: Re: Encirclements?   Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:12 pm

I'm interested in that too.
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Friedrich Werner
Friedrich Werner

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PostSubject: Re: Encirclements?   Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:26 pm

Well you are in luck guys... TOC Rules has this one already covered.
Right now Minsk is encircled by Mitte in White Russia and Sud is encircled down South. Russians right now are trying to cut off and encircle Latvia by attacking Lithunania... Good luck Laughing

City's Under Siege and their Garrisons
- When a side loses a territory that has a city region inside that territory, the defending side may choose to either completely pull out of that city, giving it automatically to the enemy, or they may decide to leave a Garrison in that city.
- A Garrison consists of 10 Infantry, 2 Tankers and 1 piece of Armor of the Defending Side's choosing. These personnel and equipment will be taken out of the nearest friendly Army Group's total forces.
- If the garrison of a city wants to, it can breakout and, with or without assistance from a neighboring friendly territory, try to reoccupy the territory to which that city belongs. In the ensuing battle, all the casualties of the breakout offensive will be pulled from the Garrison force.

-Here is an example...
East Ukraine is taken by the Germans. The Russians decide to leave a Garrison in Kharkov, a city within East Ukraine. That next turn (next month), the garrison of kharkov decides to "Breakout" and recapture East Ukraine with assistance from South Russia. The Garrison of kharkov provides 10 Infantry, 2 Tankers and its KV1. South Russia sends 4 infantry, 4 Tankers and 2 T60's for a total of 14 Infantry, 6 Tankers and 3 Tanks. During the battle which the Russians lose, the Russian causalties are 7 Infantry, 4 Tankers, 1 KV1 and 1 T60. Thus the Kharkov Garrison is left with only 3/10 Infantry remaining, 0/2 Tankers and 0/1 KV1's.

- If the Garrison succedes in breaking out then the territory to which the City belongs will once again be in their hands.
- If the Garrison decides to hold it's position and await relief, that garrison will have to hold out against the might of a probable enemy assault.

Campaign Map Encirclements
- When an Army Group encircles a territory(ies) belonging to an opponent Army Group the opponent AG will be considered encircled.
- This visual image would be seen on the Campaign Map and would be announced by the Admin.
- An encircled AG has 1 turn to reopen a territory connection with their cut off territory(ies).
- If this attack fails and the encircling AG decided to attack the/ a encircled territory(ies) the defender will only be able to use the following equipment in the battle...

Encircled Defender gets:
- 1 Tank
- 2 Tankers
- 8 Infantry
- No Artillery
- No Personnel Vehicles (i.e. sdkfz 251's)

- So a total of 10 guys against as many as the attacker can field.
- If the encircled portion of an AG completely loses, meaning there are no more encircled territories, then there will also be equipment losses that wern't due to their use in game.
This material will include:
- 3 Tanks
- 9 Tankers
- 3 Personnel Vehicles
- 25 Infantry
- 1 Artillery Barrage

- Other friendly AG's may turn off their current path to help relieve an encircled AG.
- If part of the encirclement is retaken by the encircled force's allies then the previously encircled part will once again be back to full strength and once again be part of the AG it was with originaly.
- This is the case because each Turn is a hypothetical month, plenty of time for a relief force to restablish a solid front with the broken off parts it just saved.
- Encirclements can be a devasting blow to the losing AG just as it would have been back in World War II.

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PostSubject: Re: Encirclements?   

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